Shankill Road Health and Wellbeing Centre


  • Client: Belfast Trust
  • Commencement Date: N/A
  • Completion Date: March 2012
  • Function: Landscape Architect
  • Capital Value: N/A

Development of the landscape framework for the overall site and also the associated small scale planting design details around the buildings and internal courtyards.

As this is a wellness facility, the emphasis is primarily on achieving a practical solution but also on providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to facilitate healing.

The planting not only screens the new development where appropriate but also allows open and passive surveillance of allareas of the site to ensure safety of all users at all times.

The species have been selected to reflect the usage by patients & staff and to ensure perpetual colour. Low-lying ornamental and crawling plants were selected within the courtyard to maximize the amount of natural light into this area to encourage all-day,year round usage