Ormond Mixed Used Residential


  • Client: Ballymore
  • Commencement Date: 2019
  • Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Function: Landscape Architect
  • Capital Value: n/a

Ormond development is a landmark scheme acting as a gateway for the wider Royal Canal Park.  The scheme has been designed to transition from the industrial scale of the Ratoath Road overbridge and industrial estate to the east to the domestic scale of Royal Canal Park Phase III to the west.  The landscape design has responded to this design concept, with each of the three public plazas proposed fulfilling a different role and consequently with a different design treatment tied together by a common materiality. 

Park Hood are the consultant Landscape Architects for this mixed-use scheme consisting of 435 no. apartments a Primary Health Care Centre with integrated café, pharmacy , offices , fitness centre/juice bar  with parking spaces, a reception area/management suite, storage space, bin stores, cycle parking, hard and soft landscaping .

The communal courtyard at the heart of the scheme has been given a softer, more domestic treatment  while each of the four rooftop terraces has been designed as a haven of tranquillity and escape from the hustle and bustle of the world below.

Linkages between the inner courtyard and the outer public realm are located at the three public plazas.  The main access is provided from the central management suite/reception area opening off the western plaza.  This important access point is marked with an internally illuminated glass box, penetrating through the podium level from the main reception area.

This glass box is designed to act as a centrally located beacon in the evening time, helping residents, employees and visitors navigate their way through the scheme.  Pathways radiate from this glass box at podium level, weaving their way along a central spine walkway from north to south, with secondary pathways leading to the access doorways of each block.

The development of this site will form Phase IV of the development of Royal Canal Park, Ballymore’s mixed use, rail-based development at Pelletstown.