Karlswood Stud Farm

Dublin, Ireland

  • Client: Cian O’Connor
  • Commencement Date: 2019
  • Completion Date: 2020
  • Function: Landscape Architect
  • Capital Value: N/A

Combining the character of an old Irish demesne with the latest in equestrian technology and development.

In 2019, Park Hood Landscape Architects were engaged as lead consultants to design coordinate and deliver a masterplan for the Karlswood stud farm and estate.
Phase One of the Masterplan was achieved within 18 months and included construction of a series of bespoke and functional buildings, yards and facilities customised for the requirements set out by the client team.

The development includes a sand arena that is one of the largest in Europe, and a grass “Grand Prix” arena which was designed in coordination with the team who delivered the sports pitches at the Aviva Stadium and Croke Park.