Dungannon Public Relam Scheme

Northern Ireland

  • Client: South Tyrone & Dungannon Borough Council
  • Commencement Date: 2013
  • Completion Date: 2015
  • Function: Landscape Architect (Construction Phase)
  • Capital Value: £2m

Park Hood were appointed as Landscape Architect for the Construction Phase of the Dungannon Public Realm Scheme.

The project required the implementation of an ambitious design solution to mitigate traffic congestion around Market Square and turn this back into a town centre focal point.

The approved design provided a set carriageway area to the West of the Square, designated car parking to the South and East and transformed the space in the North (in front of the historical Ranfurley House) into a unique public space, market facility and amenity area.

Castle Hill, Irish Street and Church Street which are linked to Market Square were also developed.

Key features of the works included (but were not limited to):

  • Formation of two new event spaces and grass terraces within Market Square
  • Movement and full restoration of the war memorial built in 1922
  • Replacement of all old concrete set & flag paving with Caithness Granite Flags & Granite sets
  • Installation of a new public art piece named the ‘Time Line’ by Chris Wilson
  • Tree and hedge planting schemes
  • The installation of pop up pillars and telescopic recessed barriers for traffic control
  • The installation of new bicycle stands, seating, bins, signage
  • Feature lighting
  • Forming links with Castle Hill and Heritage Trails which ensured that Market Square remained the main focal point in the town centre