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This ‘Raptor’ is not a combatant at all, but also a luxury yacht. Or did they simply not install it? Project 11711: Ivan Gren… I have been talking for years about the warship building that Russia is doing and one of those ships has been a cargo/landing operations craft. For some reason the Defense Ministry traditionally exaggerates here. The line ahead formation stretched for several miles. The Russian media report more trouble for project 11711 LST Ivan Gren (BDK 135). Large landing ship. The project 12441 frigate ‘Novik,’ laid down back in 1997, that is 20 years ago, was supposed to receive it. The ro-ro ship has But they didn’t build the ship because a number of the weapons systems weren’t ready. PRC's 2020 survey of attitudes toward Russia in 14 major countries. Artillery arms include According to the plans of shipbuilders, BDK Pyotr Morgunov will be handed over to the customer in the first quarter of the 2020 of the year. In testing last summer [2016], it was explained that the ship’s magnetic field exceeded permissible norms and the BDK could play a role in clearing mine barriers since naval mines with magnetic or combined fuses would inevitably work if ‘Gren’ turned up beside them. “Each following ship of the project — two platforms are now being built at the Yantar Shipyard — will be more modern compared to the type ship, ‘Ivan Gren’, in terms of performance. Didn’t they manage to produce it over those 11 years while they built the ship? They could have done the same thing without leaving Moscow. How Moscow would fill the gaps in its small and rapidly aging landing ship force is anyone’s guess. Russia's 24-hr (official) covid update: 27,250 new infections, 549 deaths. According to accepted international classification, they are not even referred to as auxiliaries, but as service craft. There you can’t call for an interceptor to repulse an attack by strike aircraft and cruise missiles.”, “As presented to the author, the fleet and Ministry of Defense long ago were ready to give the ‘OK’ to including ‘Gorshkov’ in the navy’s order-of-battle. Project 11711 developed by Nevskoe Design Bureau is an evolution of Project 1171, under which Yantar Shipyard built the 14-ship series in 1960-1970’s. The latest project 06363 DEPLs ‘Velikiy Novgorod’ and ‘Kolpino,’ later glorified for delivering massed precision strikes on terrorist facilities in Syria were then only still being prepared to transfer to the Black Sea.”, “To the south of the naval channel northern sea heavy RPKSN [ballistic missile submarine] ‘Dmitriy Donskoy’ and heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser ‘Petr Velikiy’ stood independently. Parade crews on foot proceeded in a solemn march in front of the stands. Project 11711 is undergoing revision, taking into account new circumstances and requirements. The French Army and French Navy started the qualification testing of the Griffon Armored Personnel Carrier and Jaguar Armored Fighting Vehicle in early November 2019. To allow Russia to land upon other countries shores and do whatever they have to, especially if Russia is attacked herself… on February 20 that it might launch unit two. Compared with the ‘Burevestniks’ they have better seakeeping qualities, 10-day endurance and 1,000 mile range.”, “The Minister of Defense’s P-344 boat is of the same VIP-class. But the fears of West European countries turned out to be in vain. Five years ago — on November 6, 2012 — Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu took over as head of the country’s defense department.”, “Since Sergey Shoygu somehow found it uncomfortable to talk about the achievements of the ministry himself, the Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces — First Deputy Minister of Defense of the RF, Army General Valeriy Gerasimov stepped into the role of main spokesman. Except for amphibious missions project 11711 can lift and disembark various cargo to an unprepared coast, ensures temporary deployment of amphibious systems of Landing and Special Forces. The ‘Baklans’ are also intended for VIP duty. In fact, they weren’t even asked.”, “Kovalev conducted the president and his retinue into the bow of the ship where he indicated with a pointer the place where the missiles of the latest surface-to-air (SAM) system [Redut] should be located. Deputy RF Minister of Defense Yuriy Borisov announced this again on 29 November. Another officer of the Kremlin's Federal Security Service has died by suicide. Frigate ‘Admiral Makarov,’ corvette ‘Stoykiy,’ large assault ship ‘Minsk’ and diesel-electric submarine (DEPL) ‘Dmitrov,’ that is 2nd rank ships, the last two of which are again an inheritance of the Soviet era, and a frigate still not in the navy’s inventory remained at their mooring buoys.”, “Then the not less impressive second Kronshtadt part took place. It’s also sticking to its promise, however unlikely, to deliver the completed LST to the Russian Navy before the end of 2018. Since 2012, three project 955 ‘Borey’ nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), one project 885 ‘Yasen’ nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), six project 06363 ‘Paltus’ diesel-electric submarines, two project 11356 frigates, four project 20380 corvettes, one project 11661K ‘Dagestan’ missile ship, five project 21631 ‘Buyan-M’ small missile ships (MRK), one project 21630 ‘Makhachkala’ small artillery ship and project 12700 ‘Aleksandrit’ base minesweeper ‘Alexander Obukhov’ have joined the fleet. It’s also known that ‘Petr Velikiy’ needs repairs, but, when this time is coming still no one can say. The Project 11711 large amphibious assault ship (LST landing ship tank) Ivan Gren built by the Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad in west Russia continues its final sea trials in the Baltic Sea. MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 23rd December, 2020) Ivan Gren-class Petr Morgunov large landing ship, the first serial warship of Project 11711, will join Russia's Northern Fleet in 2021, Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy Adm. Nikolay Yevmenov said on Wednesday. The Russian media report more trouble for project 11711 LST Ivan Gren (BDK 135). This is despite an international treaty which many thought would prevent it. Large assault ship ‘Aleksandr Shabalin,’ MPKs [small anti-submarine ships] ‘Zelenodolsk’ and ‘Kazanets’ were delegates of the Baltic Fleet. — ‘Both ships are now in the final phase of state testing, as is project 11356 frigate ‘Admiral Makarov.’ But this isn’t the first year we’ve heard similar assurances…”, “‘Admiral Makarov’ was ready long ago. Listening to the explanations, the president nodded approvingly. Projekt 11711 (jinak též třída Ivan Gren) je třída výsadkových lodí ruského námořnictva.Celkem byly postaveny dvě jednotky této třídy. Laid down in June 2015 of the year and launched on 25 on May 2018 of the year. Any naval engineers out there are invited to explain how this could work to the rest of us! Factory underway testing was restarted only in the spring of this year [2017], and on 30 November the BDK started its state testing program.”, “The frigate ‘Gorshkov’ has been under construction for a little less time. This ‘crowd’ was managed thanks to the fact that for a month or longer before this these boats went to the northern capital not only from the Baltic, but also from the Black and Caspian Seas, and also from the Northern Fleet. In 1939, Iosif Stalin resurrected this tradition on Navy Day. The Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet can now deploy its submarines to the Mediterranean. The Project 11711 lead ship Ivan Gren built at the Yantar Shipyard was delivered to the Russian Navy in June 2018. However, this time the military department began to sum up the results on November 7. However, it seems more likely the military’s accounting is timed to demonstrate what RF President Vladimir Putin delivered during this term as he ramps up for the next one. He was certainly aware of the problem, which undoubtedly was discussed more than once at conferences conducted yearly in Sochi with high command personnel of the RF Armed Forces and directors of defense industries.”, “Today the Kh-35 ‘Uran’ anti-ship missile system and the 100-mm A-190 standard automatic artillery gun in ‘Sovershennyy’s’ armament allow the corvette to fulfill the functions of a large missile boat and patrol ship, and also to fire on targets ashore. After all it’s well-known that ‘Dmitriy Donskoy’ — the largest submarine in the world — is not used as a combatant, but only as a test bed with the help of which new types of weapons are tested. According to the , the new ship is more sophisticated compared to the previous platform of the class, ‘Ivan Gren’. Testing of the new version of the surface-to-air missile for the ‘Shtil-1’ SAM, which they say has finally been successfully completed, delayed it for more than a year. So we have 24 combatants. It could appear that the opening meeting of the RF MOD Collegium, which evaluated the results of the 2012-2017 five-year plan, was timed to coincide with the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. However the banner didn’t look old. During the construction of the lead ship, the shipbuilders relied mainly on domestic components and components, while the second ship relied on the use of foreign technologies. It’s hard to say why it was necessary to arrange a review of the ship during the EEF. The sea is calling, but can’t get through - BDK "Ivan Gren", lead ship of the first series of project 11711, one of the few new naval units of the Russian Navy equipped with a gunstock, after 14 months from the date of raising the St. Andrew’s flag, is still not included in the permanent readiness forces Northern Fleet. This means there were two copies of the relic at a minimum.”, “Then speeches, greetings, and congratulations suited to the occasion were made. When the 36th Division commander talked about the combat potential of the SAM system, the president also nodded but without enthusiasm somehow. The ro-ro ship has a bow to stern through passage for armor. They went around the formation of ships on the Neva in white-painted Raptor-class boat P-344, not in its patrol but in its VIP variant which is designated for the travels of the chief of the RF defense department. This is the fourth vessel of the family, and two more have been ordered. ‘I assure you this isn’t saber rattling, it’s the reestablishment, the rebirth of traditions already more than 100 years old.’ Sergey Shoygu spoke in the same spirit. There are often not the necessary engines, some types of weapons and other internal components for them. “Each following ship of the project — two platforms are now being built at the Yantar Shipyard — will be more modern compared to the type ship, ‘Ivan Gren’, in terms of performance. The ship has also performed a large part of its state testing program, but problems have arisen again with the newest PVO [air defense] system installed on it. Putin flanked by Defense Minister Shoygu and Navy CINC Admiral Vladimir Korolev, “The Russian naval shipbuilding program is dead in the water, but expensive naval shows are being arranged”, “Every December the results of the year are tallied. Their main mission is the comfortable and secure delivery of highly-placed officials to the site of naval celebrations. Even ‘Ivan Gren’ will probably be ready by the New Year. The ship is intended to landing of troops, transportation of military hardware and equipment. Future French Armored Vehicles Enter Amphibious Qualification Testing, An Overview of the New Hydrographic Vessels of the Russian Navy, Russia Is Using Treaty Clause To Change Submarine Balance In Mediterranean, IAI’s ELTA & HENSOLDT to Collaborate on Submarine Communications and Surveillance Systems. If the swap works, the same [actually, perhaps even more] difficult process will be performed on Gren. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They have a 100-man crew, and can carry 13 tanks or 36 armored vehicles and 300 troops. But after Paris turned its back on Moscow, to put it mildly, and tore up the deal for helicopter carriers, they remembered ‘Gren.’ To speed its completion, the project was once more ‘improved,’ that is simplified. Answers to these questions weren’t given. The ro-ro ship has a bow to stern through passage for armor. The vessels are intended for the transportation of military cargo and equipment, as well as landing of troops. This supposition was confirmed when they didn’t have time to get the flag to the Admiralty building but it fluttered happily in the wind over the cupola of its Western Tower. The Pyotr Morgunov is the Project 11711 second warship. Russian shipyard floats out … In peacetime they engage in humanitarian operations. Legal / Privacy Policy But with ‘Gorshkov’ everything’s not so simple. Critical exposés on the Russian Navy still appear because it’s had less conspicuous success in modernization than the other armed services. For example, the Coast Guard of the FSB Border Service has two of the newest project 21600 ‘Khosta’ special border service (PKASS) boats. Posted in Naval Modernization, Navy, Order-of-Battle, Shoygu's Reforms, Tagged Admiral Makarov, Aleksandrit, BK-16, Borey, Buyan, Buyan-M, Collegium, Dyugon, Grachonok, Ivan Gren, Kh-35, Mangust, Paket-NK, Paltus, Project 11711, Project 20380, Project 21270, Project 23500, Proyekt 885, Proyekt 955, Raptor, Redut, Serna, Shtil-1, Sovershennyy, Yasen. Often such measures are conducted in the presence of Supreme Commander-in-Chief President Vladimir Putin.”, “So, on September 6 of this year [2017] the head of state visited the newest project 20380 corvette ‘Sovershennyy,’ anchored in Ayaks Bay on Russkiy Island where at the time the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) was being held with the participation of the heads of a number of states and governments, and also representatives of big business in the Asian region. When the idea of ‘Mistralizing’ the fleet’s assault force arose, the BDK was generally dismissed. But it will apparently be accepted into the fleet in May before its engine trouble is fixed. Armament Two АK-630М 1х6 30 mm or АK-630М2 2х6 30 mm artillery gun mounts: Range of fire, km – 15,7; Pozitiv – ME 1.2 3D radar: Project 11711 big landing ships are designed for landing operations on hostile territory, hardware and equipment transportation. During state trials, the new tank landing ship has been unable to run astern (reverse engines and go backwards). This vessel, or more precisely VIP-class yacht, included in the Baltic Fleet order-of-battle, is intended for service-related travel of high command personnel, and also parade reviews. Independent analysis of the Russian military has practically vanished under the weight of official reports on the ever-growing might of the Kremlin’s armed forces. ‘We decided to revive the Main Naval Parade which will be held in Petersburg,’ Vladimir Putin announced on the eve of the holiday at a joint press-conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. Being 120 meters long and 16,5 meters wide, the landing ships of the basic Project 11711 displace 5,000 tons. According to the factory edition, the new matchmaking that will be put to the customer in 2023-2024 may differ from the one shown in the picture. The marine strength is 300-380 men. (1) The Russians are keeping Sovershennyy close to where it was built for the time being. He drew an impressive picture of the changes that have taken place in the country’s armed forces during the five-year plan. Aleksandr Mozgovoy not long ago tackled the issue of exactly what Russian shipbuilding has or hasn’t accomplished over the past five years. Speed is … The Russian Navy’s second Project 11711 landing ship ‘Petr Morgunov’ was launched in the Baltic Sea city of Kaliningrad on May 25. This page details the development and operational history of the Ivan Gren (class) / Project 11711 Landing Ship / Amphibious Assault Support Ship including technical specifications and pictures. But ultimately they want this new unit supporting the Pacific Fleet SSBN force on Kamchatka. But right-wingers love Russia and Europe trusts…, By Putin's hand, Russia's Northern Fleet gets the status of a military district on January 1. Recent pictures show that air operations have been tested with a Kamov Ka-29 helicopter belonging to the Baltic Fleet. Each Russian Navy fleet will be reinforced with them. Contact Us, The large amphibious assault ship (LST) “Peter Morgunov” of project 11711, built for the Russian Navy at PJSC “Baltic Shipbuilding Plant“ Yantar ”(part of JSC“ United Shipbuilding Corporation ”), leaves Baltiysk for factory sea trials, 12/13/2019. extendable construction makes the hangar fit for two helicopters. The landing ship Pyotr Morgunov is the second vessel of Ivan Gren-class (Project 11711) that was built at Yantar Shipyard in accordance with the Russian Defense Ministry’s shipbuilding program, The first ship of the class Ivan Gren, was commissioned into service with the Russian Navy in June 2018. About Us According to the factory edition, the new matchmaking that will be put to the customer in 2023-2024 may differ from the one shown in the picture. The implementation of Project 111 is simple and effective. By the by, Il-38N anti-submarine aircraft, which came from the Far East, participated in the aerial part of the Main Parade.”, “Minesweepers, missile and assault boats, small missile and anti-submarine ships — the majority still of Soviet construction — followed the small boats. Perhaps someone stole it and sold it for scrap? We are talking about naval construction. The shipbuilders are preparing to deliver the second warship of this Project, the Pyotr Morgunov. The Ivan Gren lead ship has been operational since June 2018. But, it seems, as in every case recently, the president opposed it. The Project 11711 lead ship Ivan Gren built at the Yantar Shipyard was delivered to the Russian Navy in June 2018. one 30mm AK-630M-2 Duet and two 30mm AK-630M.

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