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After all, when Michaels hits his superkick, the typical fall out is his opponent hitting the canvas unconscious. In professional wrestling double-team maneuvers are executed by multiple wrestlers instead of one and typically are used by tag teams in tag team matches. This tag team move is classic and well executed most of the time. My personal favorite of theirs is the Thunder Express, which is a vicious combination of a power slam and a cutter. While Harlem Heat would use singles moves a lot with moves like the Harlem Hangover and Booker's Scissors Kick, the Heat Seeker was a great tag team finisher. Hercules (the power/strength of the team) and Paul Roma (the … Members: Brie Bella & Nikki Bella It is impressive simply because it is awesome. For now, though, their signature WWE finisher, Bada Boom Shakalaka, in which Enzo jumps off the top rope and Cass reaches up to spike him down, is anything but thrilling to watch. It looks a lot like MCMG's Made in Detroit, which is one of that team's finishers as well. News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. Problem is with created superstars. If you want to see a realistically violent tag team move, this is one. Count down the 10 greatest tag team finishing maneuvers to be used in the heat of competition. Members: Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel Overall: 79 The Bar SmackDown. The Doomsday Device is not only a legendary move that has spawned some great move variants. John Bills Contributor. It is simply an elevated scoop slam piledriver, but the way they hit it is incredible. Nobody has ever or will ever have a greater tag team finisher. An underrated team, the Steiners had some great moves. As if a regular piledriver was not enough, someone decided it would be cool to have a tag team partner help ram the head into the ground. If steel chairs were a legal weapon, this would have been more classic than it already is and made it on the list. Demolition. However, it would be selling Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston short not to acknowledge their excellent tandem finisher, The Midnight Hour. Shatter Machine is the embodiment of the team’s talents, in a move not so different from the 3D. This is just a spectacular collaboration of the Sliced Bread No. Find Michael Chin online at or follow him on Twitter @miketchin. They performed spectacularly together for awhile, and the KRS One is vicious. The Revival built a name for themselves as an exceptional tag team in NXT. 1.D.I.Y-Superkick/Knee Smash Combo. The Hart Attack has seen many variations over the years used by other tag teams, but no one will ever do it better than the Hart Foundation. Tag team controls have not changed, so you can still execute tag team moves and most importantly those tag finishers, in the same way as before. 2008-2016. It is one of the most well-known of all tag team maneuvers, and it almost always delivers a win after being hit. Ladder … Does it also work with a created superstar tag team? While hardcore fans still lament The Viking Raiders’ name change from War Machine on the indies and in NXT, and the team hasn’t thrived as much on Raw as they had elsewhere, they have nonetheless largely found their footing as dominant big men. Top 15 Tag Team Finishers in Wrestling History 15 Sky Lift Slam – The Spirit Squad. No one should be able to get up from that. Every great tag team has to have a certain cohesion. Light Heavyweight Championship. This is simply a combination of two of the most iconic finishing moves in the company's history: The main problem with the finisher is it simply makes the Sweet Chin Music look weak. Broken Arrow - World's Greatest Tag Team: These two are some of the best tag team wrestlers of all time and have a great variety of tag team finishers. Young Bucks-More Bang. This article takes a look at teams working together today or that have teamed within the last couple of years to review some tag team finishers that are truly amazing and others that come … All credit goes to WWE. They seemed to almost invent tag team moves on the spot. That is what makes the thought of the impact from this iconic move all the more frightening. World Heavyweight Championship. Members: Konnor & Viktor Overall: 72 The Authors Of Pain Raw. Many of these maneuvers are combination of two throws, or submission holds. I don't care if they hit 70 phoenix splashes in succession. One of the most unlikely teams in … Arguably the greatest tag team in TNA history, these two used the DWI as a great finisher. NXT UK Tag Team Championship. 1997-2002. 11 | Dynamic Dudes (WCW, 1989-1990. Cruiserweight Championship. While invented by Dean Malenko it was named, popularized and became more closely associated with the Dudley Boyz. Check the time in the description for each video to find the move. European Championship. Finisher # 4 “Team Burpees” Split your bootcamp into groups of 3. 2 with a tag team partner. The Bellas used Twin Magic, largely in lieu of a proper move they could really execute together. Even to this day, most do not perform a DDT from the top rope, let alone supported by a partner. This article takes a look at teams working together today or that have teamed within the last couple of years to review some tag team finishers that are truly amazing and others that come up short. Sadly, I could not find a clip, so above is the WWE '12 version of the move by Demolition. It is spectacular and athletic. During this time, he formed a tag team with Tucker Knight, calling themselves Heavy Machinery. While the team gimmick was pretty ridiculous, the Spirit Squad definitely worked as... 14 Rock 'N' Sock Combination – Mandible Rock Bottom. AEW has offered a fine platform for them to ply their trade, including their impressive Package Piledriver/Footstomp combo that pairs each brother’s signature finisher together in a fresh way. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are at a talented brother unit with a well-established history of pulling off both brutal violence and stunning feats of athleticism. I have no problem with The Ascension's finisher for example. Related: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) WWE Tag Team Champions Of The Decade. The Young Bucks are celebrated for their athleticism and ability to work at an exceptionally fast pace. World Tag Team Championship. In this post: Legion of Doom Posted On: 6 th May 2016 Contributor. Usually that comes from tag team moves. Kane, Big Show and Undertaker as tag team partners have all performed this move as a finisher. Seriously, watch the clip. These two are one of the most underrated tag teams, but this move is part of what made them great. Here is my criteria for the Top 10 Tag Team Finishers so that we’re all on the same page:-It has to involve both members of a team. finisher done by someone who is no longer wrestling)? Members: Sheamus & Cesaro Overall: 84 Wrestlers who are not currently with the WWE are still included, but wrestlers who have never been on a WWE/WWF roster are not. This move is iconic for how often it is used and still manages to look effective. every finishing move in the WWE and WWF. It only gets better when tables enter the equation. Modern tag team wrestling is nothing without the Kings of Wrestling. Some of them are just cool to watch. Con-Chair-To - Edge and Christian: The best, illegal tag team move ever. The move makes logical sense as one that would generally pick up the win, while also having a little extra sizzle as a flashy finisher. Sure, it was simply a Twist of Fate with a Swanton Bomb, but they had these moves mastered and synced up perfectly. Members: Akam & Rezar; Overall: 82; The Bella Twins SmackDown. It is hard to see how any other tag team could make the same level of impact, except one... Was there any doubt? After they broke ranks with Angle and started feuding with him, they adopted the "World's Greatest Tag Team" name. 2. 1991-2007. This is not the coolest of tag team moves, but it is certainly one of the most legendary and full of impact. Some of these moves become legendary and are adopted with variations by other stars. Tag team finishers are some of the best moves in the business. Glenn Jacobs, who was last seen working on Raw as the new "Diesel," debuted at Bad Blood 1997 as "Kane," Undertaker's younger brother. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. The finisher is good. The following is the list of all the default Tag Teams and Stables included in WWE 2K19 with their respective Overalls! Demolition was one of the greatest tag teams of all … While this finisher is reasonably believable in its impact, by 2020 standards, it fails to capture the imagination. WWE Women's Championship. During the match, Kane interfered and TombstonedUndertaker allowing Michaels to pin Undertaker and become the number one contender to the WWF title. Opponent in corner where my tag-partner is, active wrestler (the one that tags out) needs finisher, press finisher button/key. The duo debuted near the end of 2002 in World Wrestling Entertainment as part of Kurt Angle's new faction, Team Angle. FTR (often stylized as #FTR) is a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, with manager Tully Blanchard.The team is signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and are also known for their time in WWE as The Revival, under the ring … It would be a mainstay finisher for the two. Their finisher here is one of the most complete and incredible ever invented. The following is the list of all the default Tag Teams and Stables in WWE 2K18 with their respective Overalls! It looked similar to other great tag team finishers, but the use of a missile drop kick really made an impact. G9 - Cryme Time: A decent tag team move from a somewhat entertaining tag team. Demolition Decapitation. That means … Here is a compilation of 10 Tag Team finishers. Low-Ki was Kaval for a month or so in WWE (with a couple months in NXT before that). It is just not at the same level as the Top 20. At this point, Kane and Undertake… MCMG is one of coolest tag teams of the modern era. The finisher combines some of the Bucks’ signature elements for its innovation, athleticism, and looking like it could genuinely hurt somebody. Note: I am not the owner of this video. The finish saw one Bella switch in for the other, usually illegally, to steal a quick pin without the referee realizing the wrestlers had traded out. 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Also, check out the newest edition of WWE Fantasy SmackDown collaboratively written by me and Nathan Giese. However, when the duo used the tandem offense more, particularly when they reunited to battle the Brothers of Destruction at Crown Jewel, the move was exposed. The list of tag finishers is just a shortened list of normal corner tag moves, really. No one should be able to walk to the other side of the ring after getting superkicked by Michaels. Related: Every Tag Team In The WWE Hall of Fame, Ranked. The Midnight Express were great at this, and many others used it well. They were one of the best yet forgotten tag teams in the 2000s until Nitro split up with Mercury and would shortly thereafter become John Morrison. The Broken Arrow does not have the most impact, but it is cool to see especially with Shelton's awesome athleticism as he jumps over Haas' shoulders. The maneuver feels modernized, however, for the lift falling into not a cutter as was more in vogue during the 1990s, but a Code Breaker-esque move that looks devastating. The way a guy would flip as he took the clothesline was incredible. So which Pro wrestling tag team has the best finisher of them all?We take a look at the top 5 greatest finishing moves in Pro-wrestling history. The DWI is pure power. All tag finishers can be normal tag moves, but not all normal tag moves can be finishers. You might know the names, roughly at best, for their time in TNA. 1 Professional wrestling career 2 In wrestling 3 Championships and accomplishments 4 External links Finishing tag team moves Package piledriver/Diving double foot stomp Signature tag team moves Assisted Wheelbarrow Cannonball Entrance themes Asistencia … The Ascension Raw. While they have since had an uneven run on Raw and SmackDown, their timing and technical acumen tend to shine through over their questionable booking. Not many people know the Eliminators, but they should, just for this finisher if nothing else. It was frequently used by them and really helped solidify tag team wrestling in TNA. The main problem with it is that it is similar to so many other tag team moves and was barely used by Cryme Time. It looks as if his neck could have snapped right there. Various Tag Teams including The Midnight Express. There are great tag team moves, and then are legendary tag team moves. The fluidity of the transitions between the rolling slam to the 450 to the moonsault cannot be matched by any other tag team move. The move entails holding an opponent in the Tombstone piledriver position, only for the other Buck to perform a springboard somersault off the top rope to generate an intensified spike piledriver. It is similar to the spike piledriver, but it seems even more brutal. No one got up from that. Here are the 20 greatest tag team finishers of all time based upon their impact, legacy, or how cool they are. Divas Championship. The Viking Experience is a fitting demonstration of their skills—a fast-paced move that requires power and precision, with one man heaving an opponent in the air, the other catching him and nailing a power slam in the same motion. What are the top 5 tag team finishers of all time? Members: Akam & Rezar Overall: 78 The B-Team Raw Tag Team Champions. The pairing’s tandem offense failed to inspire awe, and their double roundhouse kick finisher may have best demonstrated their limitations. The stunt was fun early on but grew tiresome as years went on with opponents and referees mostly unable to overcome it. Professional wrestling has seen its share of memorable tag teams come and go, and the current landscape has a number of noteworthy teams working together across a number of companies. The World Tag Team Championship was a professional wrestling World Tag Team championship in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Bonus Question: What is your favorite finisher of all the retired or deceased wrestlers (i.e. Members: Konnor & Viktor; Overall: 76; Authors Of Pain NXT. 1956-2010. It will be interesting to see the extent to which or how Erik and Ivar transition to using this move on bigger opponents in the months ahead. "FAVORITE TAG TEAM FINISHING MOVES" 4) Dudley Death Drop (3D) D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley "The Dudley Boys" The Dudley Death Drop, often shortened to 3-D, is an elevated cutter which sees a combination of a Flapjack and a cutter. The Extreme Combination is their greatest creation though. Their best was an elevated DDT, also known as a Doomsday DDT. That the opponent would just so happen to turn around and stagger into The Game’s waiting clutches is contrived and doesn’t work as a repeated spot. 14 of 21. The reason this is on the list is that it is the most brutal-looking tag team move I have ever seen. The Death Drop, also known as the Dudley Death Drop or the 3D, is a deadly move that the two have throughout most of their career. Its just a compilation for you all to enjoy. In October, with he now renamed Otis Dozovic, the duo participated in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament, and they made their television debut on the October 19 episode of NXT, losing to the team of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. The Meltzer Driver—so named for long-time wrestling critic and reporter Dave Meltzer—exemplifies the over the top style of this trailblazing duo. The method the TC is referring to is when you get the opponent in a standing headlock and drag them to your corner/ just in front of your team mate. He and Marty Jannetty were a great, high-flying duo, and their Rocker-plex is one of my favorite tag team moves to watch. It has not gained them many victories by itself, but it is much more full of impact than the finishers they and most other modern tag teams typically hit. This is one of the best tag team moves by two cruiserweights ever made. 3.Dudley Boyz-Flapjack/Cutter Combo. With that albatross of a name, the team could’ve joined the long, long list of horrible tag teams names in pro wrestling history. It just does not feel forceful enough, especially with these two monsters. 2002-2013. Related: 10 Current Tag Team Wrestlers That Could Be Huge Singles Stars. American Alpha SmackDown. Leave you thoughts on what I missed or how you would change the order. Indeed, when used sparingly, this move was effective as an unbeatable combo or a set up for a hellacious false finish. In wrestling, a great finisher helps a Tag Team stand out, while a lame one does the exact opposite. Related: Every Tag Team In The WWE Hall of Fame, Ranked. It is a shame that these two are not competing in TNA or WWE right now. New Day has gotten over as one of the elite tag teams of the modern era based largely on their big personalities and the fluid ring work of everyone involved with the unit. Members: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable ; Overall: 80; The Ascension SmackDown. It was unified with the WWE Tag Team Championship, which WWE recognized as the "Unified WWE Tag Team Championship".On August 16, 2010, the World Tag Team Championship was decommissioned in favor of continuing the lineage of the WWE Tag Team … But whether they have just a few moves or a whole set of tag team moves, the greatest tag teams develop finishers. The team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass was never celebrated for its in-ring talent, but rather Enzo’s big personality and gift for gab, paired with the physical spectacle of Cass as a bona fide giant. Coolest Tag Team Finishing Maneuvers: NXT Top 5, Sept. 30, 2018. Before Booker T was a six-time World Champion, he was part of the great tag team of Harlem Heat. Advertisement. 2019-Present. A simple maneuver at first, the Hart Attack is a combination of a bearhug and a lariat takedown. Joey Styles makes this move sound even cooler than it is when he announces it. Before Asuka found her footing in a stellar tag team with Kairi Sane, she spent a good bit of her time teaming up with Naomi on SmackDown. While Asuka looked believably devastating with her kick, Naomi never came across as a knockout artist and the pair hitting this move in stereo tended to look clunky and forced. No problem with team finishers. 1971-2010. Moves are listed under gene… WWE has released a new video looking at the Top Five Coolest NXT Tag Team Finishing Moves. This move makes me cringe every time I see it. Most moves are known by the names that professional wrestlers give their "finishing move" (signature moves that usually result in a win) names. If these two had been serious tag team competitors in TNA or WWE, this would be higher. One of the signature elements of a tag team has less to do with individual wrestlers than what they can do as a pair.

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