The newly restored Hotel Kempinski recently reopened its gates in the ancient imperial city of Prague.

Park Hood designed the enclosed garden space which reflects the glory and splendour of the historic building whilst responding to the needs of a modern luxury hotel.

Our proposal comprises of a series open spaces to be used for functions, enclosed by the strong formality of large evergreen and semi-evergreen topiary, as typical for the landscapes of the baroque era. A strong central axis with a focal point at its terminus leads the visitor through the various spaces.

The existing trees were carefully retained and the combination with the instant use of large mature plants gives the garden an immediate age and grace. Over 4 meter tall clipped Hornbeam columns break the monotony of the surrounding wall and offer a vertical lift to the various spaces. And finally, placed behind the formally clipped Boxwood hedges are herbaceous and shrub borders for a rich display of vibrant colours between late spring and early autumn for the visitor to discover.

Client – Ballymore Group

Date – March 2008

Completed – October 2008

Function – Landscape Architect

Value – £750,000