East West Link

This project involved creating a Pedestrian priority route through the main Lanyon Campus with a series of key spaces created at the entrance point to the Campus and important buildings on the route.

Park hood were both the Landscape Architect and Lead Consultant for this scheme, driving the main design works and integrating design elements produced by the other members of the design team. The scheme entailed creating a focal point entrance to the Campus from the Holylands area of the city, providing revenue producing car park spaces in a shared surface arrangement on a previously adopted section of road way and providing a direct pedestrian route from University Road through to the new McClay library, incorporating a series of new public spaces.

Working with the design team we coordinated landscape works adjacent to one of the key listed buildings on the main QUB Campus. This also involved creating a significant new universal access to the first floor level of the old physics building and associated facade improvements.

Given the nature of the site we worked closely with the civil engineer and M&E consultants to carefully survey all existing underground services and incorporate protection strategies into the design. A highly complex network of Fibre optic computer data cables, telephone cables, high voltage power cables and gas mains all crossed through the site. Given the high quality nature of surface finished additional ducting was installed throughout the scheme to allow for future upgrades without the need for extensive excavation works. Locations for planting works also had to be very carefully coordinated with existing services to avoid damage.

Project Title:
QUB East West Link
Project Value:
New Landscape Thoroughfare through Campus
Client contact name:
Ms R Edmondson Queens Estates
Project Start Date:
August 2010
Practical Completion:
April 2011