We were asked by the Ballymore group to assist with enlivening adjacent public realm open space aside a new large mixed use office/retail development within the centre of Bratislava. The Landscape Design included for a large public square and associated linear parkland alongside the bank of the Danube. Large areas of the site were located on top of a car park decked roof slab which required addressing challenging conditions in relation to the establishment of tree and shrub planting with all specimens located within a raised planter system. Lighting proved to be a key element of the public square design and enabled the addition of large sculptural lighting structures which contributed to adding vertical interest within the space. The linear parkland was designed to create a sequence of grassed terraced embankments gradually reducing levels from the perimeter apron of the building to the River Danube including a riverside pathway along the river’s edge.

We were engaged to produce initial concept designs and detailed information for construction on site. In addition to delivering the project to construction we sourced all softscape and tree material from European Nurseries predominantly based within Germany which achieved cost savings based upon wholesale delivery but also a quality control upon all of the horticultural material. The project was completed in October 2012.