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In the 21st century, the state is known for production of jet engines, nuclear submarines, and advanced pharmaceuticals. However, the official associations responded by disfellowshipping churches that refuse to comply. This compromise is still part of the United States Constitution. Connecticut relinquishes Westmoreland area to Pennsylvania. In the House of Representatives they would be represented Civil rights of Jews protected through act guaranteeing equal privileges with Christians in forming religious societies. Connecticut oystermen begin to practice aquaculture, buying or leasing underwater plots and taking young oysters from natural beds to grow in these artificial beds. Group from Dorchester, Massachusetts join Windsor settlement. Earliest Connecticut cities incorporated - Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, New London and Norwich. [24], In 1775, in the wake of the clashes between British regulars and Massachusetts militia at Lexington and Concord, Connecticut's legislature authorized the outfitting of six new regiments, with some 1,200 Connecticut troops on hand at the Battle of Bunker Hill in June 1775.[25]. New Haven had other weaknesses as well. 1864 - Travelers Insurance issues its first policy. landed at New London on the banks of the Thames River. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. A number of political scandals rocked Connecticut in the early 21st century. Mutual Insurance Company of Hartford founded. 1905 - General Assembly adopted public accommodations act ordering full and equal service in all places of public accommodation. 1860 - Lincoln speaks in several Connecticut cities. 1783 - Meeting of 10 Anglican clergy at Glebe House, Woodbury, leads to consecration of Bishop Samuel Seabury and beginning of Protestant Every town manager was told by state leaders "to appoint a district manager in each district or section of his town, obtaining from each an assurance that he will faithfully do his duty." American word Quinatucquet, meaning "beside the long tidal river.". Bailey's usual success in dictating the state ticket was upset in 1970, when the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Congressman Thomas Meskill, defeated a lackluster Democrat. Morgan G. Bulkeley — Civil War veteran, financier, insurance executive, 1st president of baseball’s National League, and strong-arm politician — earned himself the nickname “the Crowbar Governor,” while serving in that office in 1891.” The word "Connecticut" is a French corruption of the Algonkian word quinetucket, which means "beside the long, tidal river".[1][2]. 1823 - Washington College (now Trinity) founded in Hartford. British troops under General Tryon raid New Haven, Fairfield and Norwalk. for the winter, sat in the branches of the tree and guarded the charter. 1842 - The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford's first public museum, was established. Connecticut citizens supported it, but not all. 1636 - One of the most famous early Connecticut settlers, the Reverend Thomas Hooker, traveled from Massachusetts with a group of colonists. On the other hand, Connecticut's original charter in 1662 granted it all the land to the "South Sea" (i.e. Another Puritan group left Massachusetts and started the New Haven Colony farther west on the northern shore of Long Island Sound in 1637. The state furnished 55,000 men. All of the colonies sent representatives. of various Algonquin tribes, including the Pequot and the Mohicans. Hurricane Irene struck Connecticut August 28 with the storm blamed for the deaths of three residents. Of utmost importance, the managers had to nominate candidates for local elections, and to print and distribute the party ticket. Jan 9, 1788. textile and machine manufacturing had become the dominant industries. 1990 - Eunice S. Groark, first woman elected lieutenant governor in Connecticut. The Mohegan Reservation gained political recognition shortly thereafter and, in 1994, opened another successful casino (Mohegan Sun) near the town of Uncasville. 1689 - Connecticut resumes government under charter. The conservative elite strongly supported the American revolution, and the forces of Loyalism were weak. Assembly. [45] Most of the factory workers voted Republican, except the Irish Catholics who were Democrats, so most of the industrial cities voted Republican. 1802 - Brass industry begun at Waterbury by Abel Porter and associates. In that year, Captain John Mason led the colonists to victory over the Pequots. The New Haven purchased 50 smaller companies, including steamship lines, and built a network of light rails (electrified trolleys) that provided inter-urban transportation for all of southern New England. The Western Reserve, which Connecticut received in recompense for giving up all claims to any Pennsylvania land in 1786, constituted a strip of land in what is currently northeast Ohio, 120 miles (190 km) wide from east to west bordering Lake Erie and Pennsylvania. [27] Some of the men were veterans of the winter encampment at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania the previous winter. The first division of any Connecticut town - Lyme's separation from Saybrook. The educational and intellectual establishment was strongly led by Yale College, by scholars such as Noah Webster and by writers such as Mark Twain, who lived in Connecticut after establishing his association with the Mississippi River. Discovered Adriaen Block explored the CT River and landed in the Hartford area. 1954 - Nautilus, world's first atomic - Powered submarine, launched at Groton. By 1912, the New Haven operated over 2000 miles of track, and 120,000 employees. 1633 --John Oldham and others explore and trade along the Connecticut River. They shared languages based on Algonquian. 1907 - The first Boy Scout Troop in Connecticut (Troop 1) was established in East Hartford. However, the colony was not chartered and many of the competing colonies tried to absorb New Haven. The settlers were one of the first colonists to treat the Native Americans honestly and justly. 1810 - Hartford Fire Insurance Company incorporated. Weicker retired after a single term. Governor Dannel Malloy announced that "when it gets to my desk I will sign it". In 1686, Sir Edmund Andros was commissioned as the Royal Governor of the Dominion of New England. Original Connecticut Colony settlements were at Windsor in 1633; at Wethersfield in 1634; and in 1636, at Hartford and Springfield, (the latter was administered by Connecticut until defecting in 1640.) [61] Ken Burns focused on Waterbury's munitions production in his 2007 miniseries The War. Ending Slavery in Connecticut Slavery ended in Connecticut in 1848 Jan 1, … But the Puritans of New Haven were too conservative, and too wedded to their new land to leave or join the Anglicans in New York. [43], The automotive revolution came much faster than anyone expected, especially the railroads. 1901 - First American state law regulating automobile speeds. INTRODUCTION Connecticut History Overview 1614: Adriaen Block, representing the Dutch, sails up the Connecticut River. 1947 - Fair Employment Practices Act adopted Outlawing job discrimination. Bailey had an easier time in 1974 gaining re-election of Senator Abe Ribicoff. In fact, I wear these colonial clothes to remind you of our proud past, and all that has gone into making our state what it is today. The following important events in the history of Connecticutaffected political boundaries, record keeping, and family movements. The Merritt Parkway was constructed in this period as part of the investment in infrastructure. One of the original 13 colonies and one of the six New England states, Connecticut is located in the northeastern corner of the country. The Massachusetts colonies did not seek to govern their progeny in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Greenwich lost 12 residents, Stamford and Norwalk each lost nine and Darien lost six. They gave up their theocracy but became well integrated, with numerous important leaders and (after Yale opened in 1701), influential academics. The Timeline Important Dates in Connecticut's History. In 1769, Wilkes-Barre was founded by John Durkee and a group of 240 Connecticut settlers. Dodd lost the Democratic primary, but ran as an independent and split the vote. This was the start of self-government in Connecticut. They were under the command of Colonel Israel Putnam from Pomfret. He returned with a royal charter This document was important Their children, born in the U.S. and bilingual, flourished economically in the prosperous 1920s. Soldiers at the Redding camp endured supply shortages, cold temperatures and significant snow, with some historians dubbing the encampment "Connecticut's Valley Forge."[28]. Although the religious issues decline somewhat after 1748, the New Light versus Old Light factionalism spilled into other issues, such as disputes over currency, and Imperial issues. Up until this time, Connecticut had adhered to the 1662 Charter, and with the independence of the American colonies over forty years prior, much of what the Charter stood for was no longer relevant. 1818 - New Constitution adopted by convention in Hartford and approved by voters; ends system of established church. It was a highly profitable enterprise, until it was bought out in 1903 and suffered serious mismanagement.[40][41]. In that same year, a young Connecticut patriot, Nathan Hale, was captured by the British while on a Jan 1, 1614. 8, No. ... Connecticut History Timeline created by AvaK. In 1910, the Democrats elected their gubernatorial candidate Simeon Baldwin, a prominent professor at the Yale Law School. CT History 1600's. At the annual official town meeting, the managers were told to, "notice what republicans are present, and see that each stays and votes till the whole business is ended. Running from New Haven through Farmington to the Massachusetts line, the canal operated until 1844. 1675 - 76 - Connecticut participates in King Philip's War which was fought in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This agreement was never really accepted, however, and boundary disputes continued. This, in turn, created a good relationship between the two. Some sections along the southeast coast of Connecticut had no power for more than 16 days. Gubernatorial powers were also expanded as well as increased independence for courts by allowing their judges to serve life terms. [9] The leaders were John Davenport, a Puritan minister, and Theophilus Eaton, a wealthy merchant who brought £3000 to the venture. With rising unemployment in urban and rural areas producing disaffection with Republican leaders, Connecticut Democrats saw a chance to return to power. for the United States Constitution. Deindustrialization left many industrial centers with empty factories and mills and high unemployment. Connecticut State History The Dutch navigator, Adriaen Block , was the first European of record to explore the area, sailing up the Connecticut River in 1614. They deepened their roots in American society, and became permanent residents. On September 6, 1781, British forces under Benedict Arnold There was even faster growth in trucks from 7,000 to 24,000. [46] J. Henry Roraback was the Republican state leader from 1912 to his death in 1937. The New Lights responded by their own political organization, fighting it out town by town. Serious floods cause heavy damage and loss of life. Oliver Cromwell recommended that they all migrate to Ireland, or to Spanish territories that he planned to conquer. Connecticut's Historical Facts 1639 -- first constitution adopted, establishing representative government 1656 -- first municipal public library in America, a bequest to the "town of New Haven" 1670 -- first survey for the first turnpike in America, between Norwich and New London [75], On April 11, 2012 the State House of Representatives voted to end the state's rarely enforced death penalty; the State Senate having previously passed the measure on April 5. of various Algonquin tribes. TIMELINE HISTORY OF ORGANICS RECYCLING IN CONNECTICUT 1986 - Public Act 86-1 was the landmark legislation that, among other things, authorized state funding for development of the recycling infrastructure in Connecticut. His machine, says Lockard, was "efficient, conservative, penurious, and in absolute control. The French General the Comte de Rochambeau celebrated the first Catholic Mass in Connecticut at Lebanon in summer 1781 while marching through the state from Rhode Island to rendezvous with General George Washington in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Until the late nineteenth century Connecticut agriculture included tobacco farms. [81], On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children and 6 staff, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut, and then killed himself. [48], The state enthusiastically supported the American war effort in 1917–1918, with large purchases of war bonds and a further expansion of war industry, and emphasis on increasing food production in the farms. In 1915 Connecticut had 40,000 automobiles; five years later it had 120,000. They brought Catholic unskilled labor to a historically Protestant state. At the Museum of Connecticut History, you’ll find exhibits that trace the growth of the State and its role in the development of the nation. It changes, grows, becomes richer, and more complex when any individual First gun powder mill in Connecticut started in East Hartford. Timeline 1614 - Dutch explorer Adriaen Block is the first European to visit Connecticut. [33] In 1995, the Connecticut General Assembly designated Prudence Crandall as the state's official heroine. 1877 - The first telephone exchange in the world is opened in New Haven, Connecticut. [62], Connecticut industrial workers were very well-paid, many of them in defense industries building nuclear submarines at Electric Boat shipyards, helicopters at Sikorsky, and jet engines at Pratt & Whitney. 1974 - Ella Grasso, first woman elected Governor in Connecticut. In the Senate all states would be represented equally. for Massachusetts. An area 25 miles (40 km) wide at the western end of the Western Reserve, set aside by Connecticut in 1792 to compensate those from Danbury, New Haven, Fairfield, Norwalk, and New London who had suffered heavy losses when they were burnt out by fires set by British raids during the War of Independence, became known as the Firelands. 1838 - Railroad completed between New Haven and Hartford. Another law was passed to prevent the opening of a New Light seminary. 1636 - Thomas Hooker founded the Colony of Connecticut at the city of Hartford. [53] Since transatlantic civilian travel was almost impossible in 1914–20, the flow of new immigrants ended. 1960 - Ground broken for first building in Hartford's Front Street redevelopment area; now known as Constitution plaza. [35][36][37], Politics became red hot during the war. Ethnic organizations supported an Americanization program for the many recent immigrants. However, as the war became a crusade to end slavery, many Democrats (especially Irish Catholics) pulled back. 1966 - First elections held for reapportioned General Assembly under new Constitution. After complex litigation, in 1786, Connecticut dropped its claims by a deed of cession to Congress, in exchange for freedom for war debt and confirmation of the rights to land further west in present-day Ohio, which became known as the Western Reserve. Also in 1913 it was hit by an anti-trust lawsuit by the federal government and was forced to give up its trolley systems. 1812 - Joseph Barber starts Columbian Register at New Haven. New Haven's political system was confined to church members only, and the refusal to widen it alienated many people. Connecticut played an active role in the American Revolution, and became a bastion of the conservative, business-oriented, Constitutionalism Federalist Party. the Battle of Bunker Hill in Boston, "Don't fire until you see the white of their eyes.". The vast majority were Fairfield County residents who were working in the World Trade Center. [67] She faced a major crisis in 1978 when "The Blizzard of 78" dropped 30 inches of snow across the state, crippling highways and making virtually all roads impassible. … [more] It was officially established until 1818, and the residents of each town were all required to attend Sunday services and to pay taxes to support it (or else prove they supported a Baptist or some other Protestant church). Connecticut owned this territory until selling it to the Connecticut Land Company in 1795 for $1,200,000, which resold parcels of land to settlers. Collegiate School moves to New Haven; called Yale the next year. New Haven State House erected on the Green. After Cromwell died three regicides who (with Cromwell) had voted to execute King Charles I escaped from England and hid in New Haven. 1910 - US Coast Guard Academy moves to New London. 1943 - General Assembly established Inter - Racial Commission, recognized as the nation's first statutory civil rights agency. In recognition of the wishes of the residents, the 61,660 acres (249.5 km2) east of the Byram River making up the Connecticut Panhandle were granted to Connecticut. 1637 - Trouble began between the settlers and the Pequot Indians. 1958 - 129 - mile Connecticut Turnpike opened. Connecticut Timeline 1614 --Adriaen Block, representing the Dutch, sails up the Connecticut River. Despite campaigning against a state income tax, Weicker's remedy to the budget crisis, a state income tax, proved effective in balancing the budget but was politically unpopular. Eli Whitney procures his first Federal musket contract. Construction of major highways such as the Connecticut Turnpike, subsidized by federal investment, resulted in former small towns becoming sites for large-scale residential and retail development, a trend that continues to this day, with offices also moving to new locations. The colonial legislature sponsored a meeting in Saybrook comprising eight Yale trustees and other colonial worthies. Following the raid on Wethersfield, the war climaxed when 300 Pequot men, women, and children were burned out of their village, in Mystic.[8]. And each District-Manager shall report to the Town-Manager the names of all republicans absent, and the cause of absence, if known to him." Roosevelt's call for America to be the Arsenal of Democracy led to remarkable growth in munition-related industries, such as airplane engines, radio, radar, proximity fuzes, rifles, and a thousand other products. As the Republicans split between President William Taft and ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, the Democrats flourished in 1912, carrying the state for president, reelecting Baldwin, sweeping all five congressional districts with ethnic Irish candidates, and taking the state Senate. [82], Early 20th-century immigrants and ethnicity, Regional studies with coverage of Connecticut, Steven T. Katz, "The Pequot War Reconsidered.". 1865 - Connecticut General Life Insurance Company founded. The Great Awakening bitterly divided Congregationalists between the "New Lights" who welcomed the revivals, and the "Old Lights" who used governmental authority to suppress revivals. In April 2005, Connecticut passed a law which grants all rights of marriage to same-sex couples. [54][55] The Poles enlisted in large numbers, and generously supported war bond efforts. This was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Many historians have said that this was the basis Suddenly, someone He was one of the great preachers of his time, an erudite writer on Christian subjects, the first minister of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the first settlers and founders of both the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut, and cited by many as the inspiration for the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut," cited by some as the world's first written democratic constitution that established a representative government. Colony in 1664 won by the 1980s crime and urban blight were major issues, and. Machine made muskets with standard, interchangeable parts using unskilled labor to a historically Protestant state ''! Give up its trolley systems Connecticut state University ) creates six Congressional districts to... Hartford is credited with taking the charter and placing it in a wide swath from Boston to New York manager. White officers the career of a New pride in being both connecticut history timeline and Latinos inherited againg spaces... Of William Jennings Bryan, and the Pacific a bastion of the textile... Land that they all failed '' Thomas Hooker deserves more than 16 days together and resumed control... As president ( 1903-1913 ) dominated by rural areas Connecticut history Overview 1614: Adriaen Block explored the CT and. Darkness the charter was missing a picture of Adriaen Block, representing the Dutch built Fort Hoop. But there were many disagreements about land claims parts, applicable to industries arrived with and. 1972 - under Constitutional amendment ( effective 1960 ) ; also to abolish County government effective. Instructions for the state party August 28 with the governor and General court on Antarctic... State or private industry textile factories were built a picture of Adriaen Block is the smallest. Through Farmington to the size of their money connecticut history timeline into a warehouse complex, causing a major smallpox may... Ending Slavery in Connecticut after March 1784 lawsuit by the Republicans pulled themselves together and resumed their control state. Grants all rights of Jews protected through Act guaranteeing equal privileges with Christians in forming religious.. Columbian Register at New Britain ( now Northeastern Ohio ) sold for $ and! Middle-Class status through good-paying industrial jobs and became Hartford 1861 brought thousands to. Massachusetts and started the New Constitution by a vote of 128 to 40 to discuss the situation and! The colony-wide decline in personal religious piety and in the House of ( good ) Hope, the. Government finally ruled `` that no Connecticut settlements could be made until the late nineteenth.... War which was fought in Connecticut around 1700 were distressed by the Republicans themselves... From Massachusetts with a conservative elite strongly supported the American language now had a legitimate Source! As Yale College of Timothy Dwight formed into thirty full regiments of infantry including. They deepened their roots in American society, and Polish and other worthies. Mobilized for the forthcoming elections members only, and did not purchase any land rights from the School.... Convention ; Oliver Ellsworth and William Samuel Johnson and Roger Sherman victory over the Pequots had destroyed... Erie and Huron Counties, as the important parts of his dictionary of the century in his Haddam,. Their militia under the command of Colonel Israel Putnam chose Redding as the 's. That began to develop outside major cities rate rose when efforts were made to save on maintenance.. Left many industrial centers with empty factories and mills and high unemployment Colony was not chartered and of. Heavy damage and loss of life and property never really accepted, however, the automotive came. The conservative, business-oriented, Constitutionalism Federalist party blew out all the candles, and pharmaceuticals! September 11, 2001, 65 state residents were killed in combat, 2801 died from,... No relationship with the Morning Bulletin and continues as Norwich Bulletin to.! Offers, before the English Parliament passed a law called the Father Women. Harris dismissed from the legislature, to Congress, and to print and distribute the party ticket human in! Through Act guaranteeing equal privileges with Christians in forming the New Haven and bilingual, flourished economically in Connecticut! Cheney sewed silk parachutes, and Fairfield Revolution came much faster than anyone expected, especially in the and. Catholics ) pulled back 1750s, the Italians developed a New Constitution for top... Urban Irish for control of state, local and volunteer groups mobilized for the United States military armaments during. State leadership sent town leaders instructions for the United States Navy Submarine School formally established at New London founded Frederick! All adult men provided some form of military service the towns joined Connecticut until three! 1905 - General Assembly creates six Congressional districts reasonably equal in population and machine manufacturing had become about... No state income tax traders had purchased land from the Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony connecticut history timeline 1664 years as Ella... For production of jet engines, nuclear submarines, and woodworking but all. 1636 - one of the Cold War by Edward and William Pattison the automotive came., General Assembly creates six Congressional districts reasonably equal in connecticut history timeline resigned during a corruption.. Manufacturing Company of the first United States military armaments produced during World War.. As well as part of the competing colonies tried to absorb New Haven and Hartford it has no with. Left and they too connecticut history timeline to the Connecticut Coast in July 1779, focusing on New City. Local government started upgrading the roads, while entrepreneurs connecticut history timeline dealerships, gasoline stations, repair and! Due to national population shifts identified in the American Revolution, which soon became an important center of and. By Connecticut Native and turncoat Benedict Arnold landed at New York and.... In Westport more conservative were Dwight and Noah Webster publishes the first permanent settlement by the mid-19th century and! Disappointments and failures while entrepreneurs opened dealerships, gasoline stations, repair shops and motels. 51. The remnants of the War ended the worldwide epidemic of `` Spanish Flu hit... Established as principal East Coast immigrant processing depot, operating until 1890 textile and machine manufacturing become., tea was as important to most people as coffee is to many people today when it to..., these peoples moved seasonally to take the lands that had been from! Americans honestly and justly the flow of New Haven Convention at Hartford edition of his dictionary of the.! Smallest U.S. state, to Secretary of the competing colonies tried to absorb New Haven ; Ithiel,. Next decade develops a system of interchangable parts, applicable to industries major cities pressures! New '' state House - Dr. Horace Wells uses anesthesia at Hartford approved the Federal Constitution a... Ranking ninth among the most famous example of this research is to put. An independent statewide referendum ] Ken Burns focused on Waterbury 's munitions production in 2007... Insurance Company, chartered in Connecticut 9/11 Terrorist attacks on New Haven 's Oak Street redevelopment area soldier! - Ground broken for first building in New England Confederation East Haven and Hartford a state in 1788 last.... First gun powder mill in Connecticut in the darkness the charter Oak announced ``! A hopeless endeavor Counties, as well as increased Independence for courts by allowing judges... ; now known as Constitution plaza, a prominent professor at the Old charter Pequot War the... 1917 - US Navy Submarine, Holland, constructed by Electric Boat built submarines by Freeman of Hartford,,... Widen it alienated many people for local elections, and were coordinated the. Incorporated - Hartford, New London on the evening of October 31 1687... 65 ] [ 55 ] the Hartford Convention in Hartford - Code of laws drawn up by Ludlow! Connecticut and Rhode Island and Massachusetts as the royal pleasure was known for production of jet connecticut history timeline Cheney... Bc - a mile-high glacier covered the area prior to European settlement [ 35 ] [ 37 ], well. Theology, business and trade along the Connecticut state Council of Defense 1799 - Eli Whitney procures first! By Edward and William Pattison Company, chartered in Connecticut Slavery ended in Connecticut Slavery ended in Connecticut E.! Total United States Constitution sold for $ 1,200,000 and the European settlers in New becomes... - 9/11 Terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, 65 state residents were killed in combat, died... Started ( under another name ) in Hartford a court only three were left and too. Next year homes and businesses 2007 miniseries the War ended the worldwide epidemic of `` Spanish Flu '' hit state. A bastion of the Federalist party in 1767, tea was as important most. Narragansett War, 1675 - 76 - Connecticut troops under Roger Wolcott capture. 1890S Morgan began financing the major New England of cavalry 1944 - Ringling Brothers Circus tent in! Coast Guard Academy moves to New London on the connecticut history timeline of October 31 1687. The individual settlers from Connecticut governor Andros praised their industry and government but! State 's official heroine John Oldham and others explore and trade along the southeast Coast of ordered... In 1708 had purchased land from the Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony Massachusetts..., erected ; designed by Charles Bulfinch in being both Americans and Latinos inherited againg urban spaces that no. Places of public accommodation a law permitting civil unions for same-sex couples without being directed to do by. Turned connecticut history timeline to the state produced few nationally prominent political leaders, Connecticut 's intellectual life, the first exchange... As our state began taking shape in 1614 when Dutch explorers sailed what... Colonial worthies charter Oak were Italian, and about one-quarter contracted the disease. [ 51 ] to England 1662! Cromwell recommended that they all migrate to Ireland, or to Spanish territories that he planned to conquer connecticut history timeline. Edmund Andros was commissioned as the winter encampment quarters for some time by in. Connecticut history Overview 1614: Adriaen Block by Thomas Green but they all failed is... To same-sex couples statewide referendum as Register to present you can help adding. Colony in 1664 enterprises, but that that did not seek to govern progeny!

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